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Alma-Color's official colors in 7th Annual Janusz Kulig and Marian Bublewicz's Memorial Race. 3/21/13 6:33 PM

On the 17th of March 7th Annual Janusz Kulig and Marian Bublewicz's Memorial Race was held in Wieliczka. The event generated a lot of interest. There were several thousands of spectators present. Alma-Color's team (Michał Sowa and Tomasz Zbiciak from Lubelski Auto Club) was amongst the participants.

Mitsubishi Lancer in Alma-Color's colors finished at very good 11th place.

Wieliczka – with its world famous salt mine – is a touristic mecca visited every year by people from all over the world. The race, which is organized by Krakowski Auto Club, adds to the fame of the city. However, unexpected return of winter brought doubt that the competition would have a chance to take place. Artur Kozioł, the Mayor of Wieliczka, admits in an interview for that “even on Friday evening there was no certainty that the routes of Saturday's race prologue and Sunday's main event would be clear of the heaps of snow. I want give my respect to all the civil servants that did the enormous work of clearing the streets from snow”.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz, three times champion of Poland, was the fastest driver in the race.


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