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Anticorrosion protection systems 6/28/12 6:11 PM

In this catalogue you will find paints and ani-corrosion systems offered by
ALMA-COLOR - products which are essential where an efficient and longlasting
anti-corrosive protection is needed. During the development of our
products we always take into consideration the needs of both: industrial and
individual clients. We carry a range of painting systems that offer protection for
surfaces such as: steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and concrete. A common
feature of our coatings is their high resistance to aggressive weather conditions
and mechanical abrasion. If you are looking for a product that provides
durability, long-lasting anti-corrosion protection together with aesthetic finish –
ALMA-COLOR is the perfect choice.
ALMA-COLOR takes pride in being recognized for innovative products,
excellent research department and customer care. We cordially invite you to
visit and get to know about the rest of our products

Anticorrosion protection systems- Download (PDF 9MB)