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MULTIMETAL Symbol: 0503-750-xxx

MULTIMETAL is an alkyd based coating that provides a varnish like sheen and exhibits  very good surface adhesion. This coating is flexible and resistant to mechanical abrasion and different weather conditions. MULTIMETAL does not need priming. This product is recommended for protection of surfaces such as: metal structures utilized in maritime, industrial and urban conditions; containers, waste disposal containers, railings, gates, steelwork, steel adornments as well as HVAC equipment. MULTIMETAL is offered in RAL color palette and individual custom colors. This coating is recommended as a one-component system providing an enamel finish with anti-corrosive protection.


As a topcoat on:

  • structures utilized in maritime, industrial and urban environments
  • metal elements
  • railings, fences, handrails, ornamented steel rods
  • waste disposal bins
  • home fittings and fixtures
  • steel gates, gratings, wrought furniture, garden adornments
  • farming machinery

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