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ALMADUR CONTROL Symbol: 0502-201-303

It is a two-component epoxy that meets the requirements of PN-EN 10301:2006 norm - “Steel Pipes and Maritime and Coastal Pipelines Couplings. Inner Coatings Reducing Friction during Gas Transport that Does Not Cause Corrosion” - according to Materials and Pigments Engineering Institute in Gliwice, Poland. ALMADUR CONTROL reduces gas flow resistance in the pipeline. It lowers the porosity of the pipes surface. It decreases transporting medium pressure drop. Moreover, it enhances the uniformity of medium flow as well as pipeline's capacity. The coating guarantees a perfect anti-corrosion protection of the pipes during storage and transport.


It is recommended for: inner painting of steel pipes and couplers in order to reduce friction in pipelines used for transporting gas that does not cause corrosion.

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