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ABRASIVE COMPOUND SEAL S1 Symbol: 0109-140-0104

Specialist coarse abrasive compound designed for wet mechanical polishing. It is ideal for
very hard or old coatings. The product renovates old, deteriorated coatings restoring color intensity. It is
designed to smooth out coatings of all types – it cleans, lusters, removes scratches as well as renovates
and maintains car bodies. The product is irreplaceable when removal of scratches or tarnish is needed.
It contains macrofloc abrasive material. It does not contain silicone or ammonia. The product does not
leave marks, water stains. It can be easily cleaned from rubber elements and plastics. It contains
antistatic substances thanks to which dust does not sit on car bodies.
For even better result it is recommended to use Seal Polishing Compound as a finish coat.


  • automotive coatings
  • industrial coatings
  • acrylic coatings
  •  polyurethane coatings
  • synthetic surfaces
  • boats and yachts
  • coated MDF