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Filling primers


5+1 EURODUR HS PRIMER-FILLER Symbol: 0103-201-xxx0

Two-component acrylic primer with very good filling properties as well as enhanced chemical and anti-corrosion properties. This enhanced hardness product exhibits very good adhesion and good sanding properties. Thanks to short curing time it prohibits absorption of resin base from the topcoat – which in turn prevents loss of gloss and helps to create depth of color. It does not exhibit yellowing tendency during exposition.

5+1 CLASSIC PRIMER-FILLER Symbol: 0103-270-xxxx

Two-component, thixotropic, acrylic, high-build primer with a very good filler. It dries fast and exhibits very good adhesion to steel and galvanized steel surfaces. The product is ease to treat. It provides very good sandable properties as well as good filling properties – it is an ideal primer that guarantees superb look of the surface.

ANTI-CORROSION EPOXY PRIMER 3+1 Symbol: 0103-282-0xxx

Two-component epoxy primer-filler that provides very good durability and superb anti-corrosion and insulating properties. This flexible coating exhibits very good adhesion to various surfaces as well as mechanical resistance. It is resistant to scratches, fairly aggressive chemical splashes (alkali and salt solutions, petroleum and diesel oil) and different weather conditions. It is a perfect primer for all well known automotive coatings.

ALMACRYL 1K Symbol: 0103-320-XXX0

Acrylic resin anti-corrosion primer. One-component coating with very good filling. It is ideal as a primer for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum surfaces. ALMACRYL dries fast and provides matte finish. It exhibits very good adhesion and mechanical resistance. The product can be treated easily – perfect sandability and good filling properties. Creates ideal priming coat that guarantees superb look of coated surfaces.