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ANTI-CORROSION EPOXY PRIMER 3+1 Symbol: 0103-282-0xxx

Two-component epoxy primer-filler that provides very good durability and superb anti-corrosion and insulating properties. This flexible coating exhibits very good adhesion to various surfaces as well as mechanical resistance. It is resistant to scratches, fairly aggressive chemical splashes (alkali and salt solutions, petroleum and diesel oil) and different weather conditions. It is a perfect primer for all well known automotive coatings.


  • active anti-corrosion protection of cars, buses and trucks
  • very good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, polyester laminates
  • for car restoration
  • for precise coating of surfaces
  • superb protection with durable and aesthetic effect of the surface
  • wherever a high anti-corrosion resistance is required

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